TDC Global Affordable House

TDC Global Affordable House

KC LAND DEVELOPMENT PLAN AND CONSULTANT COMPANY LIMITED is currently in official partnership with Tanzania Global Diaspora Council (TDC Global). The fact that TDC Global is a bridge between the Tanzanian Government and Tanzanians in Diaspora, advocating and lobbying for the Diaspora‘s active participation in economic, social and cultural activities of the motherland Tanzania. On the other hand, this partnership envisages enhancing the Diaspora’s full contribution to the development of Tanzania and its people. The company is proud to work with TDC Global through in the course mobilizing the Tanzanian Diaspora resources and facilitating Diaspora’s contribution to socio-economic development.

Being in a formal partnership with The Tanzania Global Diaspora Council (TDC Global), KC LAND DEVELOPMENT PLAN AND CONSULTANT COMPANY LIMITED has also been working in partnership with various stakeholders in the land survey and real estate business in Tanzania including:

  • Government Ministries, Department and Agencies
    • The Ministry of Lands and Development of Human Settlements
    • The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Administration
    • Municipalities where our projects are based.
    • Public Service Agencies TANESCO, DAWASA,
  • Real Estate Business Companies in Tanzania
  • Construction Business Companies in Tanzania
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“Performing a land survey before purchasing real estate can prevent you from making a costly mistake of buying a property that has no use to you. It guarantees that you get what you pay for, which is a lot cheaper than realizing that what you have bought is nowhere near the value that you have paid.”

Adam Hoffman
Land Surveyor

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