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The company positions itself as the leading land survey and planning services provider in Tanzania. Our land-plots selling business has been one of the exemplary land survey business scheme in Tanzania. Being accompanied by the friendly pricing models and affordable schemes for lower income earners, KC LAND DEVELOPMENT PLAN AND CONSULTANT COMPANY LIMITED has been ranked at the top of the land survey and planning services providers in Tanzania. The company offers world class land survey and planning solutions with affordable least-prices services. The company has managed to serve a good number of individuals in various areas in Tanzania.

In the course of serving Tanzanian Diaspora with affordable and reliable planned settlement schemes the company has invested in the modern technologies to gain trust of our prospective Diaspora customers.

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“Performing a land survey before purchasing real estate can prevent you from making a costly mistake of buying a property that has no use to you. It guarantees that you get what you pay for, which is a lot cheaper than realizing that what you have bought is nowhere near the value that you have paid.”

Adam Hoffman
Land Surveyor

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