BT Innovation Project

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The goal is to transfer the technology and know-how in order to enable the people in target countries to build their own houses using local material and human resources.

B.T. Affordable Housing Concept

 A perfect example – an output of the B.T. housing technology

Main features:

  • All structural elements prefabricated in butterfly battery mold
  • A stable house with 6m x 6m made up of concrete elements
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and small kitchen, in just 36 m²
  • Erectable in 2 hours, due to dry connection system B.T.-Spannschloss
  • Possibility to disassemble and move
  • Possibility to extend or modify
  • Light structure due to 6 cm wall thickness
  • Transportable in containers


VIDEO: First documentary about Low Cost Housing

VIDEO: Low Cost Housing concept