The project is at Kinondoni District Council in Dar es Salaam, and 100 meters away from Bagamoyo road near the College of St JOSEPH

We sell each plots at a price of 25,000,000 Tshs WHERE BY Plots has a size of 450M² to 500m²

The payment will be done in installments within 12 months which is equivalent to one year, payments will be made without any interest and you will be given a contract after payment of 30 percent (30%) of the total amount which you will need to pay after 3 Weeks and the remaining balance 70% to be paid after 12 Months.

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“Performing a land survey before purchasing real estate can prevent you from making a costly mistake of buying a property that has no use to you. It guarantees that you get what you pay for, which is a lot cheaper than realizing that what you have bought is nowhere near the value that you have paid.”

Adam Hoffman
Land Surveyor

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